Laine's a highly experienced artist slash graphic designer slash trend hunter slash donut officionado.

Third person aside because it sounds a bit blah, I've spent the last ten years working with a variety of Australian and international retailers and small boutique start ups.  My experience as both an in-house and freelance artist has provided me with extensive industry knowledge and a killer understanding of both creative and commercial art.  In short, I'm crazy obsessed with all things colour, art and design. My current gig at Typo is a ton of fun obvi, however I'm always on the hunt for fun new ventures.

To sum myself up in a snappy sentence - my sense of humor is  a little awks and my taste in music questionable but hit me with a creative brief, throw me a Pantone fan and I'm in my element.

If you like the look of my work and are thinking, 'Wowzas, I'd like to work with this girl,' or even, 'Hey, she seems a bit cool, I think we might like the same stuff,' then I’m pretty sure we should be pals.


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Photos - Cotton On Studio